There’s certainly the Mars rover Curiosity has taken the perseverance rover world’s consideration since it landed on the Martian work surface in 2012. But what the majority of people don’t find out about these amazing models is the way they work in addition to their capabilities. In this article, we’ll take a look at among the most shocking facts about Mars rovers!

Interesting Details Relevant To Mars Rovers

Are you aware that the very first Mars rover was really a remote control-handled auto? The Sojourner rover was about the actual size of a microwave oven oven and considered just over 11 kilos. It had six tires and could traveling with a top rate of .03 mph.

The Sojourner rover landed on Mars in July 1997 and controlled for 83 times. It traveled an overall total distance of approximately nasa mars 100 feet and transported over 550 photos returning to World.

Since the Sojourner rover, two other Mars rovers happen to be brought to check out the Martian work surface: Soul and Chance. Equally rovers were considerably more considerable in comparison to the Sojourner, considering nearly 400 kilos each and every.

Spirit and Opportunity were actually launched to iss live tracker Mars in 2003 and landed several weeks away from each other. Soul controlled for nearly 6 years, whilst Opportunity remains heading robust after greater than 14 years in the Martian area! To date, Possibility has traveled greater than 28 a long way, which makes it the farthest-vacationing rover of all time.

Soul and Opportunity far surpassed their original quest timelines of just 3 months. The rovers have already been so productive that NASA happens to be concentrating on sending yet another Mars rover for the Reddish colored Earth in 2020. This next-age group rover is going to be even larger sized and a lot more capable than its forerunners, having a organized quest time period of at least two World many years.


In summary, there are numerous exciting specifics to understand about Mars Rovers. They may be awesome machines which have allowed us to discover the top of Mars in wonderful depth. We hope this information has helped you are aware of a little more about how they work and their goal.