The Privnoteself destruct online notes services allows users to send and receive secure messages. With this service, you write a message, encrypt it, and send it to your friends and family as a link. After the recipient reads it, the note will self-destruct and be destroyed forever. The service offers additional features for secure messaging, including a time limit for a note, setting an expiration date, and even getting an email when it is disposed of. The service also lets you bookmark it for easy access later.
Another feature of privnote is the ability to password-protect messages. The secure link to your notes can be shared online or sent automatically via email. After the recipient closes it, the note will be completely deleted. For added security, Privnote also offers reference names and password security. If you don’t trust people enough to use the service, you may want to think twice before sending your private messages.
Besides the link itself, the Privnote website also features a failsafe feature. All links to Privnote begin with “https” indicating a certain level of security, preventing anyone from reading the messages. The Privnote service isn’t for sending FBI classified files; instead, it’s best suited for secret messages, love notes, or meeting locations. This way, your messages won’t be hacked and you can rest assured that no one will ever know what you’re talking about.
Privnote makes it simple and cost nothing to send and receive messages. Sign up for this service for free and immediately begin sending your messages. After you have finished reading the message, Privnote will immediately delete it. Additionally, if you do not open the mail, it will delete itself without your intervention. Privnote is a wonderful choice to have at your disposal in the event that you need to transmit a note that must remain strictly private or sensitive. Due to the fact that Privnote communications are entirely confidential, you won’t ever need to be concerned about a third party seeing the content of your note.