A trolling motor is a personal-comprised device that includes an electric motor, propeller, and controls, and it is attached into a angling boat. The trolling motor is used to propel the vessel quietly with the normal water in order not to interrupt seafood. A lithium trolling motor battery is a kind of battery which is designed specifically to potential a trolling motor. With this post, we provides you with some easy methods to use and maintain your lithium Trolling Motor Battery.

Techniques for Utilizing Your Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

1.When you initially buy your battery, make sure you cost it fully before using it the first time. This will aid be sure that the battery functions at its peak in the first place.

2.If you are not making use of your battery, make sure you store it within a great, free of moisture spot. Exposure to extreme warmth or cold can damage the battery and shorten its life-time.

3.As soon as on a monthly basis roughly, look into the terminals of the battery for deterioration.

4.Try to avoid working your battery down to empty well before charging it again. Achieving this many times can harm the battery minimizing its overall life span.

5.When you are asking your battery, will not let it rest plugged in in excess of round the clock at one time. Overcharging can bring about diminished performance and capability over time.

Tips for Looking After Your Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

As with all battery, suitable servicing is crucial to prolonging its existence and keeping it carrying out at its best. Below are a few guidelines to help you keep your lithium trolling motor battery in hint-top condition.

1.Look into the h2o stage from the battery tissue every month or so. In the event the normal water stage is reduced, add more distilled normal water to take it back up to the complete line. Will not overfill the tissue, as this can lead to damage.

2.Check the battery terminals for deterioration routinely. If you see any build up, clean it with a wire remember to brush or related resource.


Subsequent these simple ideas will assist you in getting most from your lithium trolling motor battery! Keep these pointers under consideration and you’ll appreciate numerous years of trouble-free of charge use out on the liquid.