Air source heat pumps are a type of mechanised cooling and heating program which uses natural heating swaps between your oxygen outside and the air flow inside to control the temperatures of your home or building.

There are three different types of Air heat pump (Luftvärmepump): absorption, pressure, and desiccant. Each type features its own special group of advantages and drawbacks, so it is important to pick the best one particular to meet your needs.

The various kinds of air-supply heat pumps:

●Intake temperature pumping systems utilize a refrigerant that soaks up warmth through the oxygen as it evaporates. This particular heating water pump is incredibly successful and works extremely well in both warm and cold areas. Nonetheless, intake heat pumping systems require normal routine maintenance and cost more than other kinds of heat pumps.

●Pressure heat pumps function by compressing refrigerant gas to increase its temperatures. This kind of heat push is quite successful in comfortable areas, but it really can find it hard to awesome room in chillier weather. Additionally, pressure heat pumps call for a lot more upkeep than other sorts of temperature pumps.

●Desiccant temperature pumping systems make use of a professional fabric to absorb dampness from your oxygen. This sort of heating push is quite effective in humid environments, but it can be less effective in dryer problems. Desiccant warmth pumping systems demand less routine maintenance than other

How air resource warmth pumps job:

Air resource heat pumping systems are a kind of home cooling and heating program that uses the atmosphere outside to enhance the effectiveness of your home’s HVAC process.

●During the summer, an air source temperature pump concentrated amounts temperature from your air and moves it within, where it is actually employed to amazing your property.

●In the winter, the procedure is reversed, and heat is obtained from air outside and transmitted inside of to warmth your home.


Air temperature pumps are green, since they tend not to launch any damaging pollutants in the ambiance. Oxygen provider heating pumps are very successful and will save you money your energy expenses.